P A G E  O N E 

A project on school sports halls, stripe ideas, colour and proportion matching.

P A G E  T W O 

Final degree show outcome, a sophisticated yet playful representation of school sports halls. 

This collection helped me to become a chosen designer for Texprint 2016, it was then showcased alongside my previous work at Premier Vision Paris.

P A G E  T H R E E 

Mood boards with colour palettes that I made during my time at Marks & Spencer. 

This particular collection shows colour and trend predictions for Spring/Summer 18 across Womenswear and Lingerie. 

P A G E  F O U R 

A project inspired by the colours found in a fishmongers. I was interested in the muted tones of the flesh contrasted with the fluorescent price tags.

The scarf from this collection was part of the exhibition 'El Rebozo' held in Mexico City, and later on shown during The British Museum's exhibition 'Day of the Dead'.

P A G E  F I V E

Explorations into lilac, olive and navy. 

Found objects, painting, photography and weaving.

P A G E  S I X 

Dark light, a project that gathers colours around wild swimming in Iceland.

Harsh angles and high contrast, foliage, water, handmade towel dyed with sea water to promote sustainabilty and less water consumption in the production of textiles.

P A G E  S E V E N 

Handwoven striped scarves and pouch.

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